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Novel Advice

The other day I received an e-mail from anĀ adult reader who had enjoyed GROUNDED and wanted my advice. She has a novel kicking around in her brain, and she’s not sure how to get started.

Me either, I …



Finally, time to write.

I love summer.

I love writing.

I love having hours and hours and hours, all put together in beautiful shining packages of time, when I canĀ just WRITE. And write. And write. And write and write andwriteandwriteandwrite.

I also love …



Really. Everything.

“Many writers have to teach in order to put bread on the table. But I have no doubt teaching sucks away the creative juices and slows production. ‘Doomed proposition’ is too strong, but it’s hard, Jessica. Even when you have …



Calling All Hours

If there’s anyone out there who feels bored and would like to give me some of their extra time, please send it post haste.

Don’t you wish it worked like that?

I remember boredom.  I remember being in grade school …



One thing.

There’s only one thing I’m sure of, where writing is concerned, and it’s this:

The fear that what I’m writing is terrible will always come, sometimes in short bouts, sometimes in long ones.  But it never lasts forever.  And it …


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