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Reader Questions

Here are a few of the questions I’ve received from readers recently.

What inspired you to write Grounded?

It’s hard to say exactly what inspires stories, but I know there were a few strong influences. My friend and co-creator of …



Appearance & Audiobook Review

Here’s where I’ll be on Saturday morning: Burien Library, 10:30am, with a great group of authors and the lovely folks from Page 2 Books. If you’re in the area, drop by and say hi!

Also, in lovely review news, AudioFile …



GROUNDED out in Audio & Paperback!

It was a big week for Rapunzel!

GROUNDED: THE ADVENTURES OF RAPUNZEL is now available as an audiobook narrated by Susan Hanfield, who is absolutely terrific. I couldn’t be happier.

GROUNDED also came out in paperback on Monday! So if …



New Reviews

A quick roundup of a few new and very positive mentions of GROUNDED from out in the wild world!

Lindsey from Bring My Books wrote a post called “The One Where Perfect Book Was Perfect“. As if that …



Merry and Bright

My daughter is here. She was born safely into the world, 9 pounds and 4 ounces, healthy and strong. Her hair is red like mine. Her toes are tiny and kissable.

My son is taking it well. Mostly he is …



Costco, Cool Readers, and Getting Used to Awesome

Today I was lucky enough to do a book signing at my local Costco. Thank you, Costco, for the invitation. I appreciate the opportunity.


Full disclosure: I am still not used to signing books or presenting myself publicly as an …



Finally, time to write.

I love summer.

I love writing.

I love having hours and hours and hours, all put together in beautiful shining packages of time, when I can just WRITE. And write. And write. And write and write andwriteandwriteandwrite.

I also love …



Italian Translation and Second Printing!

GROUNDED is not quite eight weeks old, but it’s walking and talking and doing all kinds of crazy tricks. I have two announcements that make me so happy I could pretty much fly.

First, GROUNDED is being translated into Italian! …



The calm after the storm

In the weeks since the launch of Grounded, things have grown calmer. The tiny storm of DEBUT! is over, and now the book is simply out in the world, finding its readers.

The number one question I’ve been asked since …



Week of Wonderful

Last Saturday, I had my very first author event: a launch party at Barnes and Noble. This was the same Barnes and Noble where I was a bookseller many years ago, so it was especially sweet to return as an …


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