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Tyme’s new home base

Hello, everyone! Thanks for stopping by the new site. I’m so happy with it, and so grateful to the people who helped me get my digital life together. Thank goodness for cool people who know how to do all the …



Welcome to the part where I hide and pretend it’s not happening.

If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, then you know I have a deal with myself: I have to post something here at least once every two weeks. I’ve only missed my self-imposed deadline twice, both times by one …



Starred Review from Kirkus for GROUNDED!

I’m so excited, honored, and proud to share that Kirkus Reviews has given GROUNDED a starred review! Pardon me while I die a little. Here are some of the things they said:

“The novel does not miss a beat



Debut Year

It’s finally 2015.

I’ve been looking forward to this year for so long that its arrival is almost anticlimactic. It doesn’t feel real.

But it’s plenty real. I have all kinds of proof. Things are starting to take shape in …



Into the Great Wide Open

I just sent back my responses to the final proofreading queries about GROUNDED.

That’s final. Final final. After revising and revising and revising, after line edits and copyedits, after the 1st-pass proof and the 2nd-pass proof, this 3rd pass was …




I’m over the moon about this! I can’t believe that the first book in the Tyme series looks this fantastic. I can’t believe that the fantasy world Ruth and I have been building for so long is going to be …



The Despair-Free Guide to Planning Your Book Launch

I’m going to go ahead and cross-post my EMU’s Debuts post here this week!

The Despair-Free Guide to Planning Your Book Launch
Originally posted on EMU’s Debuts
So you’ve written a book, and the launch of your darling debut approacheth




I’ve always loved Christmas. As a kid, of course, I was all wound up about it. I remember that one time, to keep myself awake waiting for Santa, I finger-spelled every song in The Sound of Music. Alas, I eventually …



Happy Thanksgiving

It’s very easy to get caught up in the idea that there’s not enough time and I’m not doing enough. I let myself get derailed by that idea almost every day. Either I’m coming up short as a mom, a …



It’s All Happening

I got on a magical ride back in 2003 with my friend and the co-creator of Tyme, Ruth Virkus.  The ride was called Let’s Write A Fairy-Tale Series.

The first nine years of the ride were slow. Sometimes surprising. Often …


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