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Crazy Busy

This post is going to be mouthier than my usual posts, okay? Because when you have time, you write shorter letters, and when you don’t, you overshare (and you also don’t research deeply enough to figure out whether the shorter-letter …



Back to School

School has been back in session for a couple of weeks, so the only things I’ve been writing are lesson plans. I’ve fallen in love with Google Forms and am using a mess of them to track student data, which …



Three Years

As of yesterday, I’ve been keeping this blog for three years. My first book has been published, the second is in copy edits, and I’m drafting the third. I also just started my seventh year of teaching and celebrated my …



Costco, Cool Readers, and Getting Used to Awesome

Today I was lucky enough to do a book signing at my local Costco. Thank you, Costco, for the invitation. I appreciate the opportunity.


Full disclosure: I am still not used to signing books or presenting myself publicly as an …



Got My Geek On


At GeekyCon last week, I was a panelist on the Lit Track. Here is the list of brilliant authors I sat and ate next to, spoke and joked with, signed books beside, and paneled amongst:

Maureen JohnsonJason Reynolds



Almost Time for GeekyCon

I can’t wait for GeekyCon. Just attending last year was amazing; actually being invited to participate as a Lit Track author is a huge honor. I’m so excited to head out to Orlando next Wednesday, where I will ecstatically …



Finally, time to write.

I love summer.

I love writing.

I love having hours and hours and hours, all put together in beautiful shining packages of time, when I can just WRITE. And write. And write. And write and write andwriteandwriteandwrite.

I also love …



Italian Translation and Second Printing!

GROUNDED is not quite eight weeks old, but it’s walking and talking and doing all kinds of crazy tricks. I have two announcements that make me so happy I could pretty much fly.

First, GROUNDED is being translated into Italian! …



The calm after the storm

In the weeks since the launch of Grounded, things have grown calmer. The tiny storm of DEBUT! is over, and now the book is simply out in the world, finding its readers.

The number one question I’ve been asked since …



Week of Wonderful

Last Saturday, I had my very first author event: a launch party at Barnes and Noble. This was the same Barnes and Noble where I was a bookseller many years ago, so it was especially sweet to return as an …


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