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Spring “Break” 2: The Final Score

New pages written that are not (yet) in the deleted scenes file: 94

Total pages created this week: 159

Drafts completed: Still 0

Brain: Liquified

Guess I’m ready to go back to work tomorrow and teach!…



Spring “Break”

Spring Break Stats

Pages written, rejected, and thrown into the deleted scenes file: 14

Pages fully revised because of a storyline change: 51

New pages written that are not (yet) in the deleted scenes file: 53

Total pages: 118

Drafts …



The Great and Powerful Online Presence

When I was fifteen, my family moved from Los Angeles to Seattle.  Socially, I had to start over again, which might have been daunting for a popular kid, but for me it was an opportunity to rebrand.  I had never …



Good and Bad

The good:

I’m so deep in the writing place that I can barely tear myself away to plan my lessons for the week.

The bad: 

I have to write lessons.  So I have to tear myself away from the deep …



Rocking the Common Core: For Writers Developing Curriculum Guides and School Visits

What this post is not: My personal opinion on the Common Core.

What this post is: An attempt to use my classroom teaching experience to help fellow writers approach the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in a way that may



Signal Boost

My friend Melissa Anelli has been stalked online for five and a half years.

I realize as I type that that it doesn’t sound as frightening and horrible as it is.  The idea of stalking is so often turned into …



What Writers Need Most

Is someone to say “Yes you can,” and “Yes, it’s good,” as many thousands of times as it is necessary.
I’m very, very fortunate to have that someone. 
Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.  



Making Time on EMU’s Debuts

The eponymous post – and I posted it elsewhere!  Here’s the beginning of my second entry on the EMU’s Debuts blog:

I’m here to share a secret with you all.  Gather near.  Lean in.  Shh.
I have a superpower.



The Editorial Process: A Guide for the Friends and Family Members of Writers

I recently completed a round of revisions and resubmitted my debut novel to my editor.  A few days ago, I got the happy news from her that she is content with the revision.  Now we’ll move into the line-editing stage.…



Happy New Year

I’m posting because of the rule I made for myself that I’d post every two weeks, though I don’t have much to say. Things are coming along. I turned in my revision and have been at work on the second …


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