About the Author

Hello! Thank you for finding this web site. I’m delighted that you’ve read my books, or are thinking about reading my books, or have never heard of my books and wound up here by accident. 

My name is Megan Morrison, and I’m an author. I’m also a mom and a middle-school teacher. I spend my time having adventures with my husband, son, and daughter, teaching drama and language arts to 7th and 8th graders, and writing fairy tales set in the world of Tyme.

When I’m not at work on something or other, my favorite thing in the whole wide world to do is to get lost in stories. I love to read books. I also love television, movies, and video games – anything that has a great story with compelling characters. When a story is really alive, I just want to live there, and I’ve been known to get pretty obsessed. My most public obsession (the one that inspired me to co-found a web site and write thousands of pages of fan fiction) is with Harry Potter, but I’m also a huge, dress-up-in-costumes-and-scream-a-lot level fan of Jane Austen, Star Wars, Firefly, and BioWare’s role-playing games.

Ten true things about me: I’m the oldest of three children; I drink a shocking amount of coffee; I once met J.K. Rowling at a party, and she kissed my cheek; I’ve been deep-sea fishing in Alaska; I was the captain of my high school’s varsity volleyball team; I was once on an episode of the game show Teen Pictionary; I’ve toured with a professional children’s theatre company and performed Off-Broadway; I have eaten bear; I used to be a competitive Irish dancer; and I took karate for a few years, mostly so that I could feel more like a Jedi.

Grounded: The Adventures of Rapunzel and Disenchanted: The Trials of Cinderella are the first two books in the Tyme series. Tyme is a fantasy world that I co-created with my dear friend, Ruth Virkus, whom I met when I was publicly obsessing about Harry Potter. Ruth and I have been planning the Tyme series together since 2003, and we’re so excited to be sharing it with readers at last.

About Ruth

Ruth co-created the world of Tyme and its occupants with her dear friend Megan, with whom she shares a couple of original imaginary universes. They met online while camping in another beloved author’s world, and they learned a lot together about writing as they pitched a tent on J.K. Rowling’s playground and wrote fan fiction for the Sugar Quill web site. They started dreaming about Tyme and a Rapunzel who loved her tower in the early aughts, and it’s still hard to believe Rapunzel and Jack made it all the way to their own book.

Ruth is also a playwright and runs Freshwater Theatre Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband and a crew of talented, generous and hilarious company members. You can check them out here: www.freshwatertheatre.com. In 2013, they were honored with an Ivey (the Minneapolis equivalent of a Tony) for the playwrights in Freshwater Goes to High School

A National Merit scholar, she graduated with a double major in history and theatre from the University of Minnesota, Morris. She loves to combine the two, and has a passion for writing historical plays.   

During the day, she’s a property manager for beautiful little offices and clinics in the Twin Cities, and is constantly astonished by how many people drive their cars into her buildings.  

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