Reader Questions

Here are a few of the questions I’ve received from readers recently.

What inspired you to write Grounded?

It’s hard to say exactly what inspires stories, but I know there were a few strong influences. My friend and co-creator of Tyme, Ruth Virkus, asked me to write her a fairy tale. I chose Rapunzel because I felt a connection with her. I had always had long hair myself (not a hundred feet long, of course), and I loved the idea of living up high in the tower. However, I was also frustrated by the traditional story of Rapunzel. Why didn’t she try harder to escape? How could she be so silly as to accidentally tell the witch about the prince? Why didn’t the prince give her more help? I wanted to write a story that made more sense to me. Finally, I wanted to write a story about a girl who loves her mother figure even though she is deeply flawed. That felt important to me.

How many books are you planning to write in the series?


Are you going to make another Rapunzel book..?

Rapunzel will return many times throughout the series, but GROUNDED is her book. She will not be the leading protagonist again.

What happens to Envearia? 

This question is left to the reader. Glyph tries to explain a little bit at the end of the book, but even she does not have solid, absolute answers. The Beyond is a mystery.


Thank you for these great questions, readers!

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  1. How long will the Tyme series be?


  2. Will Serge or Jasper appear in the third Tyme series book?


  3. When will your next book come out?


    • Maybe you already know this by now, but it comes out March 26 of 2018. It’s called transformed: perils of the frog prince


  4. Will Rapunzel and Jack appear in your next book like they did in Disenchanted?


  5. Will you include Price Dash and Ella in another book?


  6. Will you be writing another book about Ella?


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