Four Years Old

This blog is four years old! The actual blogiversary (sure, it’s a word) was three days ago, but I haven’t been blogging often enough lately to remember. My daughter’s birth radically changed the game. I was always busy, but I could find pockets of time when I needed them. No more. Everything that is not absolutely essential has been sent to the back burner so that I can give enough attention to my family, my writing, and my students.

What’s crazy to me is that when I started this blog, my little boy was not yet two. Today, he started Kindergarten. It flew by, just like they all said it would.

And here we are. A new school year, a new book release in October. The third book in the series is under construction. The leaves are falling; the days are getting colder. My boy will turn six soon, my girl will turn one.

Happy September, all.


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