Matters of Tyme: The Stalker






This deadly creature looks rather like a very large mountain lion with bloodred eyes. It has the frightening ability to blend into its surroundings almost completely; only a slight shimmering in the air is visible as it moves.

The Stalker is highly intelligent. It enjoys the stealth of its hunt and prefers to ambush its prey. It is capable of leaping very far, very fast; in this way it overcomes its victims without ever being heard or seen.

Calling the Stalker by its name forces the beast to show itself. This takes the fun out of its game and angers it greatly, but gives the potential victim at least a small chance of survival.

Stalkers cannot hide when wet. They will not hunt in the rain unless they are ravenous and can wait no longer.


Rapunzel and Jack encounter and defeat a Stalker at the border of the Redlands and Yellow Country.


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