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A quick roundup of a few new and very positive mentions of GROUNDED from out in the wild world!

Lindsey from Bring My Books wrote a post called “The One Where Perfect Book Was Perfect“. As if that title weren’t enough to fill my heart, here are a few lines from the review:

I also loved the character arc for Rapunzel, and I have never seen it done better.

Every minor plot that Megan Morrison attempted to execute was done so well, and all of the ones that were started but not yet finished (the jacks competition, for example): I am DYING to see in the next companion novel.

Gina Dalfonzo from BreakPoint also gave the book a lovely and very gratifying write-up. Here’s a snippet:

Morrison is a superb writer, creating an exciting and quirky fantasy world that is, like all the best fantasy worlds, firmly grounded in the realities of human nature. She gives us strong, interesting, complex characters, especially Rapunzel. The young girl who has lived in the lap of luxury — so ignorant that she doesn’t even know what a mother or father is, and has never heard of feelings like guilt or grief — goes on an emotional journey that forces her to grow up quickly, and changes her thinking and her life forever.

Cristina Catanese wrote GROUNDED’s first Italian review (that I know of), which I read using Google Translate. I’m sure I didn’t get the finer points, but I did get the gist, and the review is wonderfully kind. (Also, according to Google Translate, I “suffered from Star Wars,” which, you know, at times, has been true.)

Finally, GROUNDED was mentioned by Holly E. Newton at Meridian Magazine as one of her favorite chapter books of 2015.

I continue to be surprised and delighted by the reception GROUNDED has received. Thank you, reviewers! I am grateful for your time and kind words.


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