No Power In the Verse Can Stop Us

SWORD AND VERSE, a thrilling and romantic YA fantasy novel, is born today. This moment feels huge to me, even though it’s not my book, because this book was written by one of my best friends, the ridiculously amazing Kathy MacMillan.

Kathy and I met back in 2001, obsessing online over Harry Potter (this is how I met all the best people in the world). We soon afterwards met up in real life, and a fast friendship was born. For many years, we wrote and shared our fanfic. We cheered each other on when we decided to branch out and write original fiction. We encouraged each other to be patient and to try again when things didn’t happen right away. We read drafts and gave each other feedback and hope. We commiserated over difficult revisions. We commanded each other not to give up.

And then, in the same year, within a few weeks of each other, our debut novels were picked up. Now, within a year of each other, our debut novels have been published.

Kathy’s joy gives me joy. Her victory makes me feel victorious. She is one of the most talented, skilled, creative, hardworking, indefatigable people I have ever had the honor of knowing. She is a mother, an ASL interpreter, a librarian, a storyteller – and now a published author. The world is a better place for having her in it, and the library is a better place for having her book on the shelf.

I love you, Kathy! Happy book birthday, my friend. May SWORD AND VERSE find all the readers who will most appreciate its depth, inventiveness, and beauty.


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