The Crazy Continues

I’ve been slow to post here because I’m going at ludicrous speed everywhere else. A brief summary of the things!

  1. The academic quarter ended, so there was all kinds of crazy grading, which actually hasn’t let up at all. I’m in the middle of reading my students’ narrative fiction, which is both super fun and super time consuming.
  2. The school play is on Thursday. A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Are the kids ready? No. Will they be? Yes. How? I don’t know. It’s a mystery.
  3. I turned all the Halloween pumpkins into pumpkin butter. ALL THE PUMPKINS ARE BUTTER.
  4. I saw another sketch for the cover of book two, and it’s more beautiful every time I see it. I’m dying to share it. I’ll reveal it as soon as I’m able. Also, I got a really lovely blurb for book two, which will also be awesome to share as soon as such things are okay.
  5. My son turned five. Party at the arcade. Awesome.
  6. My daughter will be here any time now. It could be a couple of weeks, it could be a couple of days. We’ve been in hyper-nesting mode, to the point where not only is all the baby stuff built and installed and washed and organized, but all the Christmas gifts are wrapped, all the cards are written, and – as of today – the lights are on the house and the tree is up. Our neighbors must think we are Aggressively Christmassy, but the truth is, we are just scared that once the baby is here, we’ll be so tired that we won’t be able to make ourselves decorate, and then our five-year-old will be bitter.

And that’s it! Next time I write a blog post, it is very likely that I will be balancing a newborn in my other arm while I do it. See you all on the other side.


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  1. You amaze me, Megan! My first thought after reading this was, “PUMPKIN BUTTER?!!? She has all this stuff on her plate and she still managed to make pumpkin butter!!!” Also, I love the term “aggressively Christmassy”. If I could knit, I would knit the boldest Christmas sweater I could imagine and have the words “Agressively Christmassy” on it. And I am super, super excited to see your cover reveal. Now I’m going to go back to juggling my own craziness (which pales in comparison to yours because 1) no baby on the way and 2) I don’t have 150 students and 3) I am not directing a school play) and I am going to think of you as my inspiration to keep on keeping on. Hugs to you!

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