Back to School

School has been back in session for a couple of weeks, so the only things I’ve been writing are lesson plans. I’ve fallen in love with Google Forms and am using a mess of them to track student data, which I’ve been geeking out about to anyone who will listen. Yes, I geek out about data collection. I’d talk more about that, but now you’re asleep.

Other things that are true:

  • Book two of the Tyme series has gone to copyedits! Away we go. Kristin Brown is working on the map, and it’s looking really cool.
  • My son started Pre-K yesterday. I don’t know how he got old enough for that, but it happened, and it is happening.
  • Most of the local farmer’s markets are closing down for the season, so I joined a CSA for a winter share. I’m ridiculously excited about the idea of getting boxes full of random seasonal produce, some of which I may never have cooked or eaten before.

Well. Today is apparently the day I reveal to you just how boring I am. Student data! Fresh produce! No really, I’m a fun person!

Gotta go fold laundry.



  1. You know that you can always geek out to me about data, right?
    🙂 Never boring.

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