Almost Time for GeekyCon

I can’t wait for GeekyCon. Just attending last year was amazing; actually being invited to participate as a Lit Track author is a huge honor. I’m so excited to head out to Orlando next Wednesday, where I will ecstatically geek out with some of the dearest friends in my life, whom I met through the Harry Potter fandom.

Before I go, I’m wrapping up my projects and getting the big stuff off my plate. Book 2 in the Tyme series is coming along strong. Thank you, Homegrown and Starbucks, for being my offices-away-from-home for the past three weeks. At home, I would find a million distractions. Coffee shops let me go into the zone, and so I’ve had five hours a day of wall-to-wall writing time, four days a week. I’ve cleared over 350 pages of the line edit, and I’m so proud of where the story is now. In just a year, this book will be out in the world alongside GROUNDED, and I couldn’t be happier.

When I get back from Florida, I’ll have another signing – this time at Costco, in Kirkland, WA! I’m thrilled and grateful to have their support. I went to high school right up the hill from this Costco and I’ve shopped there a million times – for me, it doesn’t get a whole lot more local than this. Maybe I’ll even see a few faces from my past.

Okay! Time to keep working so that I can be ready to get on that plane next week and have a grand old time with my geeks. May the Force be with you all. See you at GEEKY!


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