Italian Translation and Second Printing!

GROUNDED is not quite eight weeks old, but it’s walking and talking and doing all kinds of crazy tricks. I have two announcements that make me so happy I could pretty much fly.

First, GROUNDED is being translated into Italian! Thanks to my agent Ammi-Joan Paquette, her international partner Alexandra Devlin at Rights People, and the good people at Feltrinelli Editore who took a shine to Rapunzel, there will soon be a version of my book that I am unable to read. I’m beyond thrilled.

Second, GROUNDED is going into its second hardcover printing. This is awesome news. (Plus, I finally have a good answer to the question “How is your book selling?” which is “Well enough to go into a second printing!”)

As if things aren’t going well enough, this week is also the beginning of summer. I cleaned out my classroom, reorganized it for September, and turned in my keys. Now I have time to swim and play with my son. I have lots and lots of beautiful time to write. I even had time to make gravy last night. Summer is spectacular.


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