See you all at GeekyCon

I’ve been invited to be part of this summer’s GeekyCon Lit Track, and I could not be more excited. The folks at Geeky announced it here today!

I went to GeekyCon last summer (when it was still LeakyCon) and attended as many Lit Track panels as I possibly could without a Time-Turner. It’s a brilliant con, and I cannot freaking believe that I’m included alongside authors like Maureen Johnson and Veronica Roth, among many awesome others.

I will not lie. I didn’t get this gig because I shine so brightly as a newbie unpublished author that the Powers that Be saw my specialness from afar and simply had to have me. Yes, I wrote a book, and yes, it’s coming out soon, and yes, I’m very, very proud of it, but I’m also incredibly lucky. I have a true friend in Melissa Anelli, who runs GeekyCon and who has believed in me since way back in 2001. Melissa is an insanely hardworking and ebullient creature who attracts a lot of limelight, and she’s also that rare breed of person who is happiest when she’s sharing the limelight with her friends. I’m fortunate beyond measure to have her on my side, and I CAN’T WAIT to be part of the Geeky joy this summer.

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