Starred Review from Kirkus for GROUNDED!

I’m so excited, honored, and proud to share that Kirkus Reviews has given GROUNDED a starred review! Pardon me while I die a little. Here are some of the things they said:

“The novel does not miss a beat in creating Tyme, a beautifully described world with a seamless fusion of magical and nonmagical beings, scenery and objects.”

“Although there are dark, suspenseful moments and some acts of violence, there is also plenty of humor…”

“The characters are refreshingly three-dimensional, helping readers empathize with Rapunzel as she wrestles with universal feelings of love and betrayal…”

I have been absolutely terrified about this part of the process, so it’s a huge thrill – and an equally huge relief – to get a review like this from a trusted name in the publishing industry.

It’s one thing when your family and friends tell you that they like your book. It’s quite another when Kirkus does it.


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  1. So awesome!!! Celebrating with you!

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