I’ve always loved Christmas. As a kid, of course, I was all wound up about it. I remember that one time, to keep myself awake waiting for Santa, I finger-spelled every song in The Sound of Music. Alas, I eventually grew up, and though like C.S. Lewis I have no fear of childishness, I can’t make myself a child again. The night-before-Christmas anticipation that I used to experience has long since faded. Now I just enjoy the general merriment and sing-songery that lasts from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.

So last night, when proper Christmas-Eve jitters seized me for the first time in decades, I barely knew what to do with myself.

“My galleys are coming,” I told my husband. “Tomorrow. They’re coming tomorrow. The UPS update says that they’re coming between 9 and 11:30.”

I had a hard time getting to sleep, and this morning, I woke up at 5. Like a kid on Christmas morning. Only Santa doesn’t have a sleigh, kids, he has a fleet of brown planes and trucks, and according to Santa’s super fancy web site, as of 5:51am, my present is already scanned and out for delivery.

It’s 6:39am as I write this.

WOE BETIDE the UPS truck if it gets here after 11:30.

I am going for a walk.

I went for a walk with my family. It was rainy. We came home. My son and I have built every Lego. Every train track. I’ve worked out some anticipation on the treadmill. It is 9:12. YOU HAVE TWO HOURS AND 18 MINUTES, TRUCK.

I know I sound crazy. But after ten years of work, and whole lot of patience, to know that there is now a very short and finite period of time before I’m holding, not quite my book, but a pretty close approximation in my own hands?


9:44am: HAPPINESS:

I love the team at Scholastic. They are amazing. 

Cheryl Klein, Sharismar Rodriguez, Elizabeth Starr Baer, Elizabeth B. Parisi, and Shannon Rice are amazing. Iacopo Bruno – also amazing. I know I am leaving out a lot of people whom I have not met or heard of yet and who had a hand in this, and they are all AMAZING. 

All I can do right now is look at this beautiful book, and page through it, and realize that it’s real.  THANK YOU, EVERYBODY.  YOU ARE AWESOME. 




  1. Crazy? Is there any other way to be when you’re about to hold your book for the first time? =) It’s completely understandable! And it’s super lovely btw, congrats!!

  2. Now I wish I didn’t use the word “awesome” so much, because this truly is. Congratulations!! So happy for you that all your effort, perseverance, and creativity paid off!

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