Hawaii and an EMU’s Debuts post

A little over a week ago, my brother got married in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai, at Shipwreck Beach. It was a beautiful wedding, and a glorious vacation.  I had never been to Hawaii before.  I happily gave over to the slower flow of time that the islands seem to possess.  I didn’t write a single word.  Instead, I played with my son in the pool, and watched him go down the water slide and make new friends, and I took him into the ocean for the first time.  For me, having grown up a beach-dweller, this was a meaningful first.  Watching him shriek and try to outrun the surf was just gorgeous.  He’s so young that he’ll probably forget it, but I won’t.

Before we left, my son also helped me out with a post that I put together for the launch of Tara Dairman’s wonderful debut novel ALL FOUR STARS.  It’s a delightful, mouth-watering, middle-grade foodie adventure, starring a young food critic named Gladys Gatsby, whom we should all try to be a little more like, when we aim for our dreams.

I probably should have posted this here a few days ago, when Tara’s launch week was actually happening, but I think I may have brought a little of that slow-flowing time back home with me from Kauai…

In any case, here, somewhat belatedly, is the beginning of the post (a recipe, with pictures):


CakeIngredientsAs I read Tara Dairman’s delicious ALL FOUR STARS, my mouth watered.  I longed to eat all the delightful desserts described therein.  What better way to celebrate Tara’s delectable debut than to eat something scrumptious?  And what better way to honor the indefatigable Gladys Gatsby than to invent a dessert?
And so, in the spirit of Gladys, and because ALL FOUR STARS is, let’s face it, totally amazeballs, I decided to invent some, you guessed it:

The vague vision: The final product would be 1) shaped like a ball and 2) amazing enough to please Gladys.  Maybe it wouldn’t garner all four stars – that’s a little ambitious for the first draft of a new recipe – but perhaps I could achieve three! I initially thought about adapting a Mexican Wedding Cakes recipe, because those things are heaven.  But then the author herself, Ms. Tara Dairman, mentioned something about how she thought amazeballs ought to involve coconut.  So I decided to make…

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