Achievements Unlocked

I reached two huge writing milestones this week.

1. I finished the copy edit of GROUNDED and turned it in.  
2. I finished drafting the second book in the Tyme series, and I turned that in too. 
Considering that just twelve days ago I wrote this post on EMU’s Debuts, I must say I’m relieved to have that draft off my desk. 
It’s the copy edit, though, that I’m really proud of.  The GROUNDED manuscript is now representative of repeated hard work and critical thinking – not just mine, but my editor’s, the copy editor’s, and the production manager’s.  
Amazingly, this means that my first book is finished.  The writing is done.  The time has come to let it go and look ahead.  The gap between unpublished and published authorhood is closing rapidly, and I’m once again plunging into uncharted territory, excited and terrified to discover what the production process will bring.  This will be a year of jacket art and flap copy, of blurbs and ARCs and blog tours.
One year from now, give or take a few weeks, I’ll be holding my book in my hands.
But for now, I’d better keep my hands and arms inside the vehicle.  Because this is going to be a wild ride. 

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  1. Yay, yay, a thousand YAYs!!!!!!!! Congratulations on putting your talent and passion through the effort and perseverance of publishing. So very excited for you! Can’t wait to see and read your book.

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