Today’s lesson: If you’re willing to dish it out, then you’d better be prepared to take it, eat it, and cheerfully ask for seconds, thirds, and fourths.

I just got my copy edits for GROUNDED.  They’re excellent, and they’re not even super intense – this manuscript has been combed and picked so many times that many of the snarls and nits are gone.  But not all of them.  Which means that now, brand-new people – professional publishing people – have seen me make lots of little mistakes.
As I read through the copy-edited manuscript, flinching as every error and misjudgment is caught and highlighted by those whose experience and skill outrank my own, I can’t help thinking about the things I looooove to say to my middle-school students. Things like: 
“Getting critical feedback doesn’t mean you’re not smart.”

“The reason I corrected so many little things is that I care about you and I want you to do well.”

“Writing isn’t about getting it right the first time.”

“Don’t be embarrassed.  You’re learning.”
And so!  This round of edits is for you, kids.  Here’s a big scoop of sweet, delicious justice for you to enjoy on your summer holiday.  See you in September.


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