Permission to Fail: Granted on EMU’s Debuts

I posted over at EMU’s Debuts again today – this time about first drafts, fear, and failure (it’s not as dire as it sounds).  Here’s a snippet:

A draft of my second book is due in a few days, but it’s not finished.  The reason it’s not finished is that I don’t want to write the end, and the reasons I don’t want to write the end are these:
1. I want to write a satisfying ending, but there can only be a truly satisfying ending when the structure of the plot is sound enough to usher the story to an equally sound conclusion.
1b. Therefore, if I write the ending and it isn’t fully satisfying, I’ll have proof that the plot isn’t fully cooked;
1c. Which means I’ll have to do rewrites.
2. If I write the ending, the draft will be finished.
2b. As soon as the draft is finished, it’s due to my editor.
2c. My editor really likes my first book.  What if I give her the second one, and she thinks it’s a total letdown?  What if, as an author – which is something I’ve worked very hard for a chance to be – I turn out to be a one-book wonder?

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