The Call (My first EMU’s Debuts post!)

I made my first contribution today to EMU’s Debuts, a group blog for debut authors represented by the Erin Murphy Literary Agency.  I’m so proud and excited to be part of this group of intelligent, supportive, and talented new authors.  Here’s a bit of my first EMU’s post: 
When I got the call, I sent it to voicemail.
This is not because I am made of stone.  It’s because I was in the middle of teaching.  I had left my phone on – which I almost never do, but that day I made an exception – so I heard the call. I knew what it was. The first book in my series had gone to acquisitions that morning. The answer was imminent.
I had been working on the series for a few months shy of a decade.
I went to my phone, saw my agent’s name glowing there, and made what was possibly the most difficult finger-swipe motion of my life.  I put my phone away and turned back to my class.
“Ms. Morrison, are you okay?” asked one of my 7th graders. “You’re all white. Are you sick?”
Later, once the deal was public, I would tell my students what the call had been, and what it had meant.  At that moment, however, I had no idea whether my agent was calling to tell me “Sorry, let’s try again with someone else,” or…
Or something I couldn’t even let myself fully articulate yet.

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