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I’ve been lazy about this blog, this summer.  But I haven’t been lazy in general.  Spending lots of time with my son has been paramount, and spending lots of time writing has taken a pretty close second.  Writing is going beautifully, mainly because I keep a big stick handy to whack at the bad thoughts.  This novel is stupid. WHACK. The first one was better. WHACK.  You’re a hack, you’re a hack, you’re a hack... WHACK WHACK WHACK.

I’ve also been reading.  I just read an incredible historical YA (I had to get out my big stick several times whilst reading it to whack at thoughts like Oh crap, this is AMAZING, and mine isn’t anything LIKE it, does that mean mine is DUMB?), and I’m excited to write up a new “Five Reasons to Read It” post.  I haven’t done one of those in a while, and this one will be extra delightful for me, because tomorrow night, I’ll have the awesome opportunity to sit down with the author and glean some insight before I write about her work.  
And so!  Stay tuned.  Until we meet again, let’s all keep whacking at the bad thoughts with a big stick and enjoying our creative endeavors, whatever they may be.



    Was doing this myself just this morning. Thanks for the positive reinforcement!

  2. On your worst day, your writing is better than most. Relax. I’m sure it’s fantastic.

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