Year End

Have you ever had so much to say that you just didn’t say anything?
My mind and life are full.  I keep trying to figure out what to share here, but there are only two kinds of stuff happening right now.  1) Stuff I can’t talk about.  Mostly, this is book stuff, which I’m still not free to share (soon, though, I hope).  2) Stuff that’s boring/irrelevant to this blog.  This includes… everything else.
I could write about the books I’m reading, except I haven’t read anything in a couple of weeks.  I’m flat out of energy to read.  I’ve been watching TV.
I should write, at least privately, about the stuff that’s going on in my life, but I am unmoved to journal write, at least for now.
I did write a solid handful of pages last weekend, so that’s good. I’ll write a lot more, several days from now, when summer officially starts. 
The school year is almost over.  Stress levels are high; fuses are short. End of year stuff is pretty intense.  Keeping middle school kids engaged in learning when there are five class days to go is like playing world-championship-level Whack-A-Mole.  I’m tired.  I’m not in a hurry to shove my kids out the door, or anything – I get pretty attached to my students – but once they go, I’ll need to curl up in a dark room for about three days in order to reclaim my sanity. 
The happiest and most uplifting part of the last two weeks has been discovering that my son, who is a little over two and a half, is a nurturer at heart.  We tried to give him a baby doll a while back, in an effort to counterbalance the fleet of vehicles that materialized in the night, soon after he was born. (We didn’t buy them!  They just APPEARED.) Our son literally shoved the baby doll aside in favor of a truck.  A couple of days ago, though, he encountered a baby doll and various accoutrements, and something amazing happened.  He arranged the baby in bed, covered it up, and fed it a bottle.  This was such a sweet and surprising moment that my husband and I decided to reward it.  We took our little guy to the store and let him pick out a baby of his own, which he now constantly brings to me so that I will kiss it.
So I’m stressed out, tired, and ready for a break.  But the important things are all as they should be.  Hope I’ll have more to share very soon. 


  1. Thanks, Polly!

  2. The whack-a-mole analogy is ridiculously accurate.

    Also, you guys are raising such a cute, sweet kid – not at all surprising!

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