Love and Marriage

The beginning of the book I’m working on is coming along. This particular story has a romantic bent, so I’m anxious to get to that part, but I know that it’s important not to rush there.  The anticipation of romance is sometimes more important than the romance itself – in a story, anyway.

Real romance is different.

My little sister is getting married tomorrow.  I’m her Matron of Honor, so the most important writing I did this week, by a long shot, was writing the toast for her reception. It’s not a toast about romance, exactly, but I thought a lot about love and marriage while I was writing it.  In particular I thought about what makes a lifelong partnership work, and why it’s so unbelievable, so spectacular, to find a person with whom one actually wants to spend the rest of one’s life.

This week, DOMA was struck down by the Supreme Court.  My sister’s wedding will be all the sweeter to me now.

Here’s to all of you who have found your partner in this life.  I wish you every joy.


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