In Like A Lion

Just because it’s a Sunday doesn’t mean I can’t still hope, every time I check my e-mail, that something magical will have happened, right?

Actually, I’m not even doing that.  The tension is getting a little easier to take.  Maybe it’s just that I barely had a chance to touch Tyme this weekend, because I had to spend most of my “free” time working on stuff for my actual job.  The teaching one.  I try to keep work at work, but it’s not always possible.  Luckily, this time, most of my job was to write.  Every so often, I create monologues, scenes, and short plays for my students, and this weekend was one of those times.  I enjoy writing for the kids, and they always like reading the work out loud.  I don’t ask them for feedback, because the work is for them, not me – but I don’t have to ask.  Their criticism comes free.  They’re brutal, and their comments are generally spot on. Middle-school kids are the masters of identifying false and faulty dialogue.  “Can I say this instead?  Because nobody would say that.” 

The weekend was also sunny and beautiful, and we spent a lot of it with family and playing outdoors.  It was like getting a chilly taste of summer.  Three and a half months until summer.  Not that I am counting.


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