Because my book has vanished into the unfathomable forest of the acquisitions process, and because I am a person who likes to know the details, I did some research and found this article by Harold Underdown.  It helped me understand things better, as did this one, by the same author.  I followed many of Underdown’s suggested links, and I read those pages too.  Finally, I looked over a sample acquisitions proposal, to see what’s involved on the editor’s end.  What is this editor doing, exactly?  What might be happening, while I wait? 

As it turns out, lots of things are happening.  If these posts are accurate, and they certainly seem to be when I compare them against a few other similar posts, then the editor who has my book has done a tremendous amount of work already, and is continuing to do work on behalf of my book – and this is all before there’s even a contract.  I’m floored.  I’m also humbled.  Really?  All that work to get people in-house excited about my book, before there’s any guarantee of anything? 

I’m touched.  I’m terrified.  The editor must really believe in it.  To sink that kind of preparation into something of mine?  I’m grateful.  So grateful, no matter what happens.  I’m incredibly fortunate to have made it to this point and to have someone championing my work.  Whether this month brings me an offer or not, I can only be proud of myself and appreciative of the editor who is taking a chance on me. 

I will not think about the whether or nots.  I will live in the moment.  I will listen to Dory.  Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…


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