My son had an awful coughing fit at 3:30 or so this morning.  I went in at 3:45 and sat with him and gave him things to drink until it passed, and when he went back to sleep, I was awake.  So I showered, and then I was really awake.  So I made some coffee, and then I was really, really awake.

So I sat down and wrote ten pages before work.

I am in the grip of this thing.  I usually make a clean break between home, and work, and writing.  When I’m teaching, I am fully focused on that.  When I’m at home, it’s the same.  I write when my son is napping or in bed and everything else is done.

Right now, at my house, there is laundry on the floor and there are dishes on the counter (my husband absolutely does his share of the housekeeping, it’s not all down to me, but we’re both insanely busy right now).  This morning, I actually drove all the way to work and then realized that I had forgotten to drop my son off at daycare.  In two minutes, I have to turn my attention to teaching, which usually is not difficult.  When a horde of middle schoolers pushes through the door, they pretty much demand complete attention.

But I just want to write.  I’m itching, itching, and not a little tickle of an itch, a horrible, bad spot on your back but you can’t reach it and oh my God it will drive you crazy kind of itch.

Which is a good thing.  A very, very good thing.  I just wish I could give into it completely.  Must.  Turn.  Brain.  Toward.  Work.  Now. 




  1. Oh god though that sounds terrible – NOT of the boy’s coughing fit!

  2. I am oddly in favor of all this torture 😀

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