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More lovely reviews!

The first is from Kiss the Book, a review blog for librarians, which lists GROUNDED as “ESSENTIAL” reading and goes on to say that “Grounded is perfect for upper elementary and middle school readers. Rapunzel’s story is so familiar, and yet Morrison still manages to bring new depths to the tale.  I wonder if she will take her hand to other classics.”

The second is from The Styling Librarian, who “loved the characters, development, learning, and the fantasy world that Megan Morrison created.”

I’m so glad!

Friday I’m In Love

Wonderful things of the day:

1) GROUNDED is a Best Book of the Month for May on!

2) I was invited by the illustrious, Newbery Honor-winning author Kirby Larson to participate in Friend Friday on her web site, so I guest posted there today.

3) My delightful and super supportive EMU’s Debuts clan finished off my launch week celebration today with a great adventure playlist post.

What an awesome week it’s been – and amazingly, it’s not over yet. Tyme’s co-creator, Ruth Virkus, is in town from Minneapolis, and tomorrow, we will both be at the Bellevue, WA Barnes and Noble for the live and in-person GROUNDED: THE ADVENTURES OF RAPUNZEL launch party. If you’re a local, hope to see you there!

The Celebration Continues!

Here’s another fantastic post in support of GROUNDED over on EMUs Debuts – this one about the wonderful people who came into our lives and changed them forever. (I love this post!)

Also, I found out today about a great review from BookPage. Here’s a snippet, written by reviewer Kevin Delecki:

“Filled with mystery, adventure and myriad twists and turns, Grounded turns a traditional fairy tale into something more. Strong characters and a complex story will encourage readers to return for the next journey in the world of Tyme.”



When I started this blog two years and eight months ago, I wrote this:

“This summer, I finished rewriting my first book.  Well – not my first book.  There were others.  But they don’t count, because they were terrible.  Or maybe they count very much because they were terrible.  Either way, I consider the book I just finished to be my first book, because it’s the first one I love.  It’s the first one I believe in.  And it’s the first one I’m sure will be published.  I’m sure of that because, even if I can’t get it published traditionally, I will publish it myself.  That’s how much I like it.

Still. I want to see it as a physical book.  I want to hold it in my hands, the way I’ve held so many books I love in my hands.”

And now it’s real. I can hold it in my hands. Today, at long last, that book is published.

They say success is a journey and not a destination, and mostly I agree. But there are moments of arrival. Moments when you know you did something, because it’s there, and you can see it. Today is a big one, and I’m lucky to have so many people who are helping me mark the moment.

People like my family and friends, who text and message me as they receive their pre-ordered books in the mail or download the book onto their Kindles.

People like my agency mates, who are showing off their glorious hair and even more glorious silliness on EMUs Debuts.

People like my students and colleagues, who took the time to write cards, make banners, and surprise me this morning with a book birthday breakfast. 1430247363788 (1)20150428_114420

This is a really good day.

Launch Week!

It’s almost here! Tomorrow is the day! And this week, my amazing agency siblings on EMU’s Debuts are celebrating GROUNDED’s book birthday.

Here is today’s awesome post about favorite fairy tale retellings!

Head over to EMU’s Debuts and comment, and you’ll be entered in a giveaway for a signed copy of GROUNDED: THE ADVENTURES OF RAPUNZEL, as well as a a very special handmade chain mail bookmark!

See you tomorrow, when I am likely to be incoherent with joy.

🙂 🙂 🙂

More Cool Stuff

I’m gearing up for the big day, and cool things just keep happening!

I was delighted to guest post on Kissing the Earth this week. My fellow debut author Tamara Ellis Smith interviewed me and my dear friend Kristin Brown, who is the cartographer of the Tyme series. Tam wanted to know how the map of Tyme came to be, and Kristin and I had a great time writing about it!

Also, GROUNDED was reviewed by the delightful young blogger Erik on This Kid Reviews Books. Erik gave it five out of five bookworms, which is by far the most important rating I have received. Of course I am very grateful and glad that the big, professional reviewing bodies have so far enjoyed the book, but the people I really want to reach are the kids! Because of that, Erik’s review is my favorite so far.

One Week

One week from today, I will be a published author.

That is… I don’t even know how to describe what that is. Big. Good. Awesome. Weird. Scary. Amazing. Unreal.

I ordered some archival pens. For signing books. I seriously did that: I ordered pens, specifically to sign books with. Because I’m going to be signing books (see above re: Big Good Awesome Weird Scary Amazing Unreal).

Let’s see. What else?

I posted on Emu’s Debuts last week.

I also guest posted on Literary Rambles yesterday. If you follow that blog and comment on the post, you’ll be entered in a giveaway for a signed copy of GROUNDED, plus a really cool, limited-edition chain mail bookmark.

Now I’m going to put my head down and grade this pile of papers that is staring me in the face, because as much of a published author as I almost am, I am also still all the other things. A teacher, a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a reader, a person who has not yet finished but desperately wants to finish watching the 7th and final season of Parks & Rec. I almost feel like I should be able to put all those parts of me aside next Tuesday, and just be an author. But you know where I’ll be? Here, in my classroom, proctoring the state science test.

It’s kind of cool and fitting, though. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this here, but I was proctoring a state test a few years ago when it suddenly struck me how the Tyme series had to end, and what I had to do to revise GROUNDED, and how it could all be perfect and right. One minute, I was walking around the classroom, watching kids test. The next, I was seized by the story. I flipped over the roster on my clipboard and started writing on the back of it, and I kept writing all spring and all summer, in every spare minute, with every spare iota of energy, until I was finally ready to hand that manuscript over.

And now here we are. One week to go. Hoo boy.

Everybody, hold my hand.

Positive Reviews from Booklist and School Library Journal

I’m so glad to be able to share more great reviews of GROUNDED! The full reviews are here:

Booklist Review

School Library Journal Review

Since both Booklist and SLJ require that users sign up to read full reviews, I’ll include a few of the highlights from each review here.

Booklist (reviewed by Stacey Comfort)

“Fairy tale meets funny in this fresh take on Rapunzel…”

“Morrison’s cuttingly clever take on classic tales will please readers and keep them hungry for more. Finding out the truth behind the tale has never been so snarky.”

School Library Journal (reviewed by Anne Jung-Mathews):

“The story line moves swiftly as Jack and Rapunzel face evil Stalkers, thieving bandits, biting cold, and an uncertain food supply.”

“…a story that has plenty of suspense and intrigue.”

“Fans of traditional and fractured fairy tales will thoroughly enjoy this new twist on an old story.”


See you all at GeekyCon

I’ve been invited to be part of this summer’s GeekyCon Lit Track, and I could not be more excited. The folks at Geeky announced it here today!

I went to GeekyCon last summer (when it was still LeakyCon) and attended as many Lit Track panels as I possibly could without a Time-Turner. It’s a brilliant con, and I cannot freaking believe that I’m included alongside authors like Maureen Johnson and Veronica Roth, among many awesome others.

I will not lie. I didn’t get this gig because I shine so brightly as a newbie unpublished author that the Powers that Be saw my specialness from afar and simply had to have me. Yes, I wrote a book, and yes, it’s coming out soon, and yes, I’m very, very proud of it, but I’m also incredibly lucky. I have a true friend in Melissa Anelli, who runs GeekyCon and who has believed in me since way back in 2001. Melissa is an insanely hardworking and ebullient creature who attracts a lot of limelight, and she’s also that rare breed of person who is happiest when she’s sharing the limelight with her friends. I’m fortunate beyond measure to have her on my side, and I CAN’T WAIT to be part of the Geeky joy this summer.

Praise from Publisher’s Weekly!

I read reviews much like I watch horror movies: with my hands mostly over my eyes. My editor sent me my Publisher’s Weekly review this morning, and I read it very quickly, missing almost everything, fearful that I might find some brutally negative monster sentence that would rip out my heart and stamp on it with its mean, cold, monster feet.

Instead, I saw words like “pleasantly surprised,” “emotional depth and inventiveness,” “potent mythology and symbolism,” and “full-bodied world worth revisiting.” Here’s the full review.

I’m so pleased and proud that the reviewer saw these things in my work. It’s awesome to know that I succeeded, at least for this reader, in what I set out to do.

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